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We work in close association and with the support of our partners and sponsors.


The two key organisations supporting the Everyone Project. They are The Mindfulness Association and the Hart Knowe Trust.

Our Partners & Sponsors

The Mindfulness Association believe that mindfulness is a way of life and not a brief intervention for relieving symptoms. They have been providing long-term systematic training in mindfulness for life for over 10 years. Their courses train in being present, responding with compassion and seeing deeply our habitual patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours. This frees us from the conditioning that governs and limits our lives and results in an unfolding of our human potential to make choices about how we live in connection with ourselves and our world.


Mindfulness is taught in a tiered approach, starting with an introduction weekend followed by three further weekends or via an online course.  Once complete, participants are able to proceed to the MBLC teacher training if they wish.  Practitioners have the option of continuing to the Compassion and Insight courses, followed by the Mindfulness for Life Programme.  There is also a membership for practitioners and teachers which supports their practice.


Once the teacher training is complete, the MBLC teachers have the option of continued professional development (CPD) weekends. Supervision is also available to support MBLC teachers in their teaching and as a requirement for the UK network of mindfulness teachers.


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“One of the key aims of our charity, the Hart Knowe Trust (SCO44303) is the advancement of education; providing opportunities for training and the development of human potential in order to improve the quality of individuals' own lives and enable them to help others. This is exactly what the Everyone Project is doing. We are happy to have been involved as a main sponsor of the Everyone Project since the beginning through donating funds and administration resources. It is great to see the difference mindfulness is making to the lives of people who otherwise would not have the opportunity.”

Vin Harris (trustee)


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